Who am i

Amante das Letras (portuguese for “Type lover”) is Maximiliano Vittor, graphic and lettering designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2010, where he taught Typography from 2008 to 2014. Since 2015 he is one of the Argentina Coordinators of Tipos Latinos, Latin American Typography Biennial.

He works on lettering projects like editorial publications, stores chalkboards and murals, identity and logotypes since 2014. He worked for clientes such as Helados Freddo, Cerveza Quilmes, Honda Argentina, All Saints Café and The Pick Market, among others.

He took both pressential and virtual classes on lettering, sign painting, calligraphy, fileteado porteño and typography with Lauren Hom, Martina Flor, María Eugenia Roballos, Betina Naab, Ximena Jiménez, Marcelo Pellizo, Gustavo Ferrari, Sabrina López, Pablo Cosgaya, Andrés Torresi, Ana Sanfelippo and Fer Cozzi.

Since 2015 he teaches Lettering ven a mi, an introductory course to hand drawn lettering that counts with 29 editions. Since 2017 he is part of Escuela de Lettering (Lettering School), an integral formative program around letters, along with calligrapher Melissa Cronenbold and typographer Maximiliano Sproviero. Both in Casa La Don Juan, in Buenos Aires.

His work was part of two lettering shows: Fiesta gráfica in La Don Juan and Lettering & Typo in Universidad del Salvador. On november 2017 he was invited to Bicebé: Biennial of Poster Bolivia, where he taught a chalk lettering workshop alongside with Mariaelena Gianmoena y Melissa Cronenbold.

You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook or drop a line to maxi(a)amantedl.com.

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